James Christian is the front man of the US hard rock legend HOUSE OF LORDS, with whom he has been active since 1988. HOUSE OF LORDS drummer Ken Mary recorded the 1987 Bonfire Gold album "Fireworks".

HOUSE OF LORDS emerged in 1988 from the group Giuffria and have created various classics.

In particular, here are the first three albums of the band, "House Of Lords" (1988), "Sahara" (1990) and "Demon's Down" (1992) to call, in the commercial wedding of American hard rock various successful hit singles and - videos were decoupled. The best known songs are "Can't Find My Way Home", "I Wanna Be Loved" and "What's Forever For".

Even today, James Christian continues to record very successfully new albums with House Of Lords. He also released four successful solo albums and tours regularly in Europe.

In the mid-1990s he married the singer Robin Beck, with whom he still works together musically today and who is also performing on the Bonfire and Friends tour.

Artist website: http://www.jameschristianmusic.com/

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